Sexual dysfunction is the deterioration of one or more areas of the sexual response cycle.

Studies on sexual dysfunction, which is one of the most common mental disorders in society, suggest that at least one in three people suffer from at least one sexual dysfunction at any time in their life, regardless of female or male.

Sexual dysfunctions have both physical (organic) and psychological causes. Mostly, psychological and organic causes together play a role in the emergence of problem.

In addition, psychological factors may be added to the table after a while, even if the problem arises due to physical or organic reasons such as use of medication.

If sexual dysfunction develops due to an underlying organic cause, a surgical intervention, a drug and a mental illness, patient is primarily treated for the underlying cause. What should be remembered is that sexual dysfunction is often not related to a single cause. By taking into consideration that every organic event will have psychic components, the problem must be approached holistically.

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