Cancer is an increasing health and life problem. It comes immediately after cardiovascular diseases as the cause of death around the world and in our country.

Oncology includes not only treatment of cancer patients, but also cancer prevention, cancer screening and early diagnosis applications.

In other words, every stage of cancer involves medical oncology.

Moreover, in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, a multidisciplinary approach is designed in line with scientific data by collaborating with various areas such as surgery or radiology.

Oncology hospitals in Turkey are equally good compared to Western countries by their technological equipments and physical conditions. Mediprive helps you determine the right preference among world-class centers by working alongside your patients to choose the appropriate hospital for your oncology treatment. During the diagnosis and treatment, Mediprive creates fast and professional solutions to pre- and post-treatment health problems of patients that will come from abroad, considering patient rights, through health institutions equipped with the latest technological devices.

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