Eye diseases are diseases that cause visual impairment or complete loss due to environmental, genetic, or age-related factors. These conditions, which may occur in eyes which is among the most important and sensitive sense organs of the body, may have a very negative effect on the life of the patient. While some eye diseases do not show any symptoms at an early stage, most eye diseases can manifest themselves with one or more problems such as severe burning and itching, decreased or narrowed vision, inability to choose color, excessive burring, and light disturbance.

Turkey offers world-class services by using the most advanced technology in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Mediprive has contracted hospitals, where specialized and experienced doctors work, in special areas that patients of all ages need in our country. As Mediprive, we perform diagnosis and treatment of our patients at contracted world-class hospitals, where all visual impairements and other general eye diseases are examined.

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