Medical tourism is a type of important alternative tourism that has achieved a rapidly increasing trend around the world and in Turkey in recent years.

Mediprive, founded in 2015 with the objective of providing high-quality service to visitors traveling from abroad, offers services for accommodation, transfer, travel organizations, and flight tickets.

Mediprive’s most important objective is to meet the expectations of the guests who are undergoing treatment and also want to have a holiday. Mediprive provides all kinds of professional solutions to make international guests enjoy their holidays during their stay in our country and in line with this objective, to provide all services in the best way with the principe of customer satisfaction.

Mediprive, standing its guests’ side to choose the appropriate hospital and treatment methods for their needs prior to arriving in Turkey, helps to determine the right partner among the world class contracted centers.

Mediprive creates fast and professional solutions to pre-treatment and post-treatment health problems of international guests through health institutions equipped with the latest technological devices in line with the patient rights during the diagnosis and treatment processes.

To help patients reach their country safely after treatment by providing comfortable service in all processes, as well as to solve the problems that may be encountered later and to ensure that having their follow-up is carried out in their own countries are among the most important principles of Mediprive.