A vertical and proportional buttocks is essential to a beautiful body.

In general, a gluteoplasty is performed to make the hips larger or smaller than the body more proportional.

Gluteoplasty is performed by specialized plastic surgeons and the procedure will be determined according to the request of the person and opinion of the physician.

When you decide to get a gluteoplasty, you must first make professional choices. You must determine the details of the operation you want under the supervision of a plastic surgeon that you trust.

Everyone who complains about the appearance, location, volume and firmness of their hips and who has irregular fat distribution in the thigh area due to frequent weight gain or loss and women who become uncomfortable with the look of their hips after birth are good candidates for gluteoplasty. You don’t have to live with unwanted shape and volume. Remember, there is a natural-looking, simple and effective solution! This is the most advanced method of buttock fat transfer. This method provides a very soft and natural appearance. And also, there is no risk of rejection, since the transferred fat is the patient’s own tissue.

Anyone who wants to have a nice hip appearence, regardless of size, shape or prolapse ratio can get a gluteoplasty. Thanks to gluteoplasty, you can have more shaped and lifted hips.

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