Mediprive started its activities in Antalya in 2018 to, aiming to create a perfect planning for all your activities from health tourism to congresses, fairs, launches, dealer meetings and corporate travels. We offer activities that understand the marketing strategies and plans of brands and private companies that are in line with their goals and sound. We know the importance of creativity in event management and the value of being different, and we work to deliver it. We construct vision and strategy, design the program, color it in the most effective way, communicate with all parties, use our brand power in purchasing, execute it with the most efficient way of budget management and deliver you to your gold of recognition. Within the scope of health tourism, which is another branch of our service, we offer greetings, airport transfers, hotel hospital transfers, hotel and guidance services to our guests aiming to pass their treatment process in the taste of holidays.

We also have significant experience in corporate travel management. We offer new opportunities for companies to save on travel and service expenses for business trips. We are conscious that success is hidden in the details. We aim to be a leading company in the sector at both national and international levels by adhering to perfectionism, honesty and reliability.